About Us

Indisplash brings to your home the richness and vibrancy of Indian arts and textiles through unique, hand crafted lamps, vases and other home décor products. Each of our products has a story to tell; they afford rare glimpses into the every day life of Indians over the ages. Glimpses that have been collected and lovingly transferred on to bottles, wood and silks through the skillful hands of fashion designers and artists. So you can sit in your drawing rooms and marvel at the beauty of 4000 year old Warli folk motifs from Maharashtra, or learn about life in ancient Mithila through our colourful Madhubani inspired vases. With every uniquely designed, intricately executed and exquisitely hand crafted Indisplash product, you don’t just experience the grandeur of India; you take home a legacy! Gift a Tradition!

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Best brands and assured quality products are offered in our store.